Why invest in vehicle tracking system?

Why invest in vehicle tracking system?
Mifthas Haris
Nov 09, 2022 | Vehicle tracking

A GPS vehicle tracking system is a good way to manage your fleet operation effectively. Here are some benefits it can provide if you invest in vehicle tracking.

Route optimization

Fig.1 Optimised route on the map

It enhances route optimisation, and operating costs management, increases fleet visibility, reduce fuel cost, improves driver management and so on.

If you own a fleet of vehicles, you must coordinate tasks and priorities in your team to ensure efficient and effective fleet operation.

Imagine if your driver will have to wait for his vehicle at a particular time and place so that he can pick up passengers or cargo from the depot. And if this repeatedly happens throughout the day, it would not only lead to a loss of time and money but also create inconvenience for all involved with your business.

Why do you track your vehicles?

Before considering the different GPS vehicle tracking system available, let’s consider a few reasons you might want to use one.

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself when considering a GPS vehicle tracking system is, “Why do I need it?”

Where is your vehicle now?

It’s tempting to think that the answer should be obvious—you want to know where your vehicle is, right?

But there are many other reasons for wanting to know where your vehicles are going and how long they’re spending in each location, including:

  • Losing customers due to untimely deliveries
  • Accidentally sending goods/packages to the wrong address
  • Tracking down missing drivers who might be using company vehicles for personal use
  • Knowing when your drivers are taking their breaks or eating lunch at work
  • Finding out if they’re exceeding speed limits assigned by you or driving too fast for the conditions of the route.

Driver behaviour analysis

Fig.2 Driver behaviour analysis

Are you losing customers due to the untimely delivery of goods/packages? Are your drivers taking more time than expected to commit to a job?

You want to know if your drivers are following your pre-planned routes and taking time off work that you’ve assigned to them.

You want to see if they’re using company vehicles for personal use or taking unauthorised zones into account during work timings.

You want to know if they unnecessarily make unexpected stops along their routes, wasting fuel and time.

And most importantly of all, you want to know where your vehicles are at all times so that when deliveries need to be made and shipments need to be picked up, your team can get there as quickly as possible.

How useful is GPS Vehicle tracking system data?

But how do you make sure all this data is accurate?  How do you ensure that everything is being logged correctly?

How do you know if there’s been an accident or other problem with one of your vehicles?

Daily summary report
Fig.3 Daily summary report

If these questions sound familiar, that’s where GPS tracking comes in: real-time information about what each vehicle is doing at any given time (and when).

Your fleet operation is constantly changing and evolving; it’s time to look for a GPS vehicle tracking system.

Which is why we created AVLView.

It’s a GPS vehicle tracking system that works on a web or mobile and can help you manage your fleet operation effectively.

It’s no secret that transportation is one of the most essential parts of the business. It’s been said that having a fleet management system in place is one of the best ways to improve overall efficiency, and profitability.

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