Improvements with version

Posted on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 By Soorej Warrier

New report on Ignition On/Off events

Offers you an understanding on when & where exactly your vehicle’s ignition was switched on/off.

Reports => Others => Ignition On/Off

AVLView Vehicle tracking report on Ignition on/off status

Spatial view now available on Overspeed report too..

Reports => Driving Violation => Overspeed

Spatial view of Overspeed report in AVLView system

Other Improvements

  • Two more fields added to Staff Time Sheet report – Location & Pick up/Drop off.
  • Report => Trips => Staff Time Sheet

  • Revamped scheduled trip report; now offers scheduled & actual arrival/departure times on waypoints too.
  • Report => Trips => Scheduled trip

  • User can now set a speed limit to rate driver’s performance in driver scorecard.
  • Administration => Basic settings => Speed limit for Driver Scorecard

  • Re-defined seatbelt violation rule ie., a violation is recorded when:
  • – Vehicle starts moving without driver wearing seatbelt
    – When vehicle is driven without driver wearing seatbelt for ‘x’ minutes

For AVLView Partners

  • Lists all upcoming renewals that make it easy for partners to get renewals done on time.
  • Perform IO Mapping for newly added vehicles – Set & configure digital/analog ports and add/modify analog formula per vehicle.
  • Stage records (vehicle snapshot based on IMEI no for a specific date) for immediate troubleshooting.

Fleet tracking; optimized for excellent user experience

Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2016 By Soorej Warrier

This release (ver is packed with a number of improvements, but our main focus has been to increase avlview platform stability, make it load faster and fix outstanding issues. As a result, avlview loads 40% more faster and fleet tracking is quicker ;) A few of reported bugs have been bashed and new improvements were added. The platform has been restructured for incredible user experiences, and with every release it gets better. Assigning or moving vehicles to a group has never been... Read more

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AVLView ver; Improvements to PoI Suggestions

Posted on Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 By Soorej Warrier

Points of Interests: latest feature addition helps you set a color code for each PoI category as shown in the following image (eg: Bus Stop - Blue, School - Red, Parking space - Yellow etc). MapView -> Manage POI/Zones -> Create -> Category ... Read more

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Latest release ver – Points of Interest suggestions

Posted on Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 By Soorej Warrier

From now on, a new intelligent tool would periodically suggest random locations/points based on a lot of factors. This feature is quite useful and helps identify relevant landmarks and mark them as Points of Interest for your business. These landmarks could be your warehouses, pickup/drop off points, delivery points, client sites or project sites. Suggested landmarks could be added as Points of interests with ease as shown in the following image. Download Raw data: Some of our clients... Read more

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