How GPS tracking helps you to improve vehicle’s safety

How GPS tracking helps you to improve vehicle’s safety
Mifthas Haris

Whether you operate a fleet of taxi cabs, buses, or long haul trucks, live GPS tracking can improve operations by effective routing, monitoring vehicles to prevent straying from the scheduled route, and improving customer service with on-time deliveries. But GPS tracking can also help your business, as well as your drivers, in the event of an emergency. Here’s how.
Reroute Drivers to Avoid Bad Weather
Whether you blame El Nino or climate change, there’s no debating that weather patterns across the nation are becoming less predictable. Ice and snow shut down parts of the South last winter that hadn’t seen icy road conditions in decades. Sudden storms in the Midwest frequently shut down roadways, and the West has already experienced one significant earthquake event this year. When bad weather hits, live GPS vehicle tracking can help keep your vehicles and the drivers safe from harm. This feature is helpful during hurricane season, tornado season, and during the winter.
Avoid Problematic Areas or Roads
Are there certain roads your commercial vehicles have to travel on where traffic accident rates are particularly high? Would you like a way to reroute drivers when conditions on these roads are most hazardous? Avoid troublesome areas during rush hour or other hectic times, such as holidays, by using GPS tracking to reroute vehicles during the most dangerous times.
Track Vehicles During Emergencies
Ordinarily, Ferguson, Missouri is a quiet residential town — but recently the entire city erupted in violence, a situation that lasted over a week. When civil unrest or another catastrophic event hits a certain area or region, live GPS tracking is an excellent way to reroute deliveries and keep drivers on schedule, without having to put the vehicle or the driver in harm’s way.
Be Aware of Vehicle Theft Immediately
Sometimes, commercial vehicles just vanish. The driver goes into a convenience store to pay for fuel, and returns to find no trace of the truck. Live GPS tracking gives you a way to instantly identify a vehicle that has strayed off its route and helps law enforcement find the truck immediately, improving the odds that your property will be recovered with little or no damage or missing cargo.
Do you think your commercial vehicle fleet needs live GPS tracking? Contact us to find out how GPS tracking can improve operations, reduce overhead costs, and streamline the operations of your fleet vehicles.
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Prevent vehicle theft with realtime GPS tracking

Have you ever had to deal with the theft of a fleet vehicle of the merchandise it was carrying? If you have then you know the cost, stress, and hassle that dealing with it can bring. If you haven’t, take it from us, it’s not something you want to go through.
Losing a vehicle or a large amount of merchandise can be crippling to a small business. Even large corporations can face major setbacks when it happens. If you want to protect your vehicles and the goods they transport from theft, then you need to see what our fleet automation system with Realtime GPS tracking can do for your business.
Virtual Fence Provides Early Warnings
Prevent Vehicle Theft With Realtime GPS trackingWith our system, you can program a virtual fence around your fleet. If any of your vehicles leave the “fence” when they are not scheduled too, the GPS tracker will pick up on it and send you a warning. This can help alert you to theft and other serious issues like your drivers using company vehicles for unauthorized trips.
Remote Immobilization Stops Thieves In Their Tracks
If the worst happens and you receive a warning that one or more of your vehicles is leaving your virtual fence without authorization, you can quickly put a stop to the theft attempt with remote immobilization included in many of our fleet automation packages. You can remotely stop the vehicle from being able to travel any further then notify authorities of the exact GPS location of your vehicle.
Unique Identification Means You Always Know Who’s Driving
Prevent Vehicle Theft With Realtime GPS trackingWith our fleet automation system, you can fit your drivers with a variety or unique identification markers like iButtons or RFid chips. This means you will know what driver is in what vehicle at all times. Plus, you can be alerted the moment an unauthorized person starts driving the vehicle.
For more information on protecting your vehicles from theft with a fleet automation system, contact us today for a personal consultation.

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Making teenagers drive responsibly

Making teenagers drive responsibly
Mifthas Haris

Let them know the basic thing that it’s not their right to drive, but a privilege given by parents/guardians. Let them realize, in comes a lot of responsibilities along with the driving privileges they have been given. What responsibilities are we talking about? Obviously, responsibility of their own lives, lives of co-travelers, lives of other motorists, pedestrians, other living beings etc.
So, how can you make teenage drivers more responsible? Prepare a list of rules & regulations that your teenagers are supposed to follow; make it clear, concise and straight to the point. Create a set of actions to be taken in case of failures in following the rules; all should be related to driving.
For eg: “If you are exceeding 70 km/hr, you will not be allowed to drive for the next 2 weeks”
“If you are driving recklessly with frequent jackrabbit starts & sudden brakes, you shall not drive in my absence”
“If you took car for long drives without my permission, for the rest of the year, you shall drive only with in the areas I say”
It’s always advisable to let them follow the rules rather than passing heated arguments and shouting at them like “You are not going to drive my car till I permit you again” or “You are going to kill yourself at this speed”. Through a mutually agreed contract, you can keep them in track and ensure their safety; for none else, but your peace of mind.
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