GPS software subscription renewal made easy

GPS software subscription renewal made easy

The look and feel of the subscription renewal page interface have changed.

GPS software Subscription renewal

We’ve made every effort to make the subscription renewal process more manageable and less complicated to provide a seamless user experience for your staff.

We’ve also developed tools to help automate day-to-day processes and make your strategies smarter.

To use the following tools successfully, you must ensure your clients’ subscription expiry dates are recorded in the system against each subscription.

Subscription renewal email reminders

You can configure the platform to initiate payment reminders via email sent to subscribers days before the renewal is due.

Subscription renewal reminder

These automated messages are a series of reminders sent out to your vehicle tracking customers to remind them that their subscription is expiring and urge them to take action.

The sending interval is 1 to 30 days before the subscription runs out, an expiration day email, and a follow-up email after the subscription expires to encourage users to renew one more time.

In addition, your accounts team would receive a consolidated email with the details of the expired, soon-to-expire subscriptions so that you make sure subscriptions are renewed.

Prompt your customer with a renewal pop up

On nearing the subscription renewal, your customer will see the following pop-up on signing in to the platform via mobile or web app.

Prompting renewal

If you accept subscription payment only over the counter, it might be convenient for you but inconvenient for your customer, and you will soon miss out on recurring revenue.

It would help if you offered customers multiple ways to make payments online. Accepting debit and credit card payments is the most common means of getting subscription payments online, regardless of the location of your customers.

Subscription summary

Such a choice is more convenient for them and gives them more reason to renew subscriptions days before expiry. And at the same time, you can ensure your subscriptions are getting renewed on time.

Integrate your partner account with a Payment Gateway

To start accepting online payments, you must create a merchant account with a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a type of network through which your customers transfer funds to you. It enables credit card processing, allowing you to accept payments online.

Subscription payment integrated with Stripe

Stripe is quick and easy to implement and comes with reasonable pricing — and with its API, you can automate client subscription renewal at scale. Stripe is supported in many countries ( Please let us know if your country is not supported yet and would like to use any other payment gateway.

Once integrated with a payment gateway, you can manage your clients’ recurring payments and subscriptions via the partner portal.

Snooze a renewal reminder until later

Your staff may have more work to ensure your clients pay before the subscription due date and avoid turning the subscription expired. It can often lead to difficulty focusing on what to do when to do it, and who it needs to be done by. 

If this problem sounds like one your staff face daily, the snooze feature will become your new favourite tool for getting in control; snooze renewals to follow up on a set date and time.

Snooze the renewal tasks

Sometimes, after snoozing a subscription renewal, you might want to cancel the snooze. You may do so by opting to Unsnooze a notification anytime you wish.

Renewal tasks unsnooze

Manage renewal tags

Tags allow the grouping and organising of renewal records. You can choose or add a tag based on the scenario related to a subscription and view your tagged items which we hope will make it easier to keep track of your existing subscriptions.

Subscription renewal tags


You can ‘manage’ the added tags as well. You can then edit the tag’s name, appearing anywhere that tag is specified.

Manage tags

You may also opt to filter subscriptions based on added tags which will make your job much easier. Viewing subscription details with added tags will give a clear picture of the activities in connection with subscription renewal.

Managing a fleet is like herding cats. Many vehicle tracking platforms available in the market are pretty basic, and nearly all focus on just one challenge, i.e., locating vehicles on the map

We continue to release updates to ensure fleet owners solve their fleet operational challenges. Please contact our support team if you have questions about the new features.



Priyendran is part of the Clients Relations team.