Vehicle tracking solutions that make sense in 2023

Vehicle tracking solutions that make sense in 2023
Apr 25, 2023 | Vehicle tracking

AVLView’s cutting-edge vehicle tracking solution has gained significant popularity in 2023 due to its effectiveness and efficiency.


The solution leverages GPS technology, real-time tracking, and data analytics to provide businesses with accurate, up-to-date information about their vehicles’ location, status, and performance.

As a result, businesses can make informed decisions, optimize routes, and monitor driver behavior, ensuring a safer and more productive fleet.

AVLView’s success in 2023 can be attributed to its ability to adapt to changing market needs and provide vehicle tracking solutions that make sense for modern businesses.

Let’s discuss in detail the features offered by AVLView GPS tracking system.

Realtime/Live GPS tracking

Benefits of Real Time/Live GPS Tracking

“Live vehicle tracking”, being one of the main features of AVLView GPS tracking system, enables real-time monitoring and management of vehicles for enhanced efficiency and security.

Data in AVLView GPS tracking system is refreshed every 10-30 seconds and accurately reflects the current location of each vehicle.

Live vehicle tracking

Here are some of the major benefits of real-time GPS tracking:

  • Improved Fleet Management
  • Increased Productivity
  • Better Customer Service
  • Improved Safety
  • Cost Savings
  • Better Decision Making

Key data points provided by AVLView GPS tracking system

Apart from real time tracking and above mentioned benefits, AVLView GPS tracking system provides a wealth of information on your fleet operations viz.,

      • Vehicle Speed and Stoppages
      • Driver details
      • Odometer reading
      • Realtime information on fuel level and usage
      • Ignition, Door and Aircon status etc.
      TrackView app

      We have discussed in the above paragraph about the most important features of AVLVIew GPS tracking system, i.e. live vehicle tracking, now let’s discuss about the most sought after features  “Route optimisation” and “Capacity planning”.

      Wouldn’t it be great if you have a dedicated delivery app with automatic route optimisation and capacity planning?

      TrackView”, a dedicated app/module from AVLView provides real-time updates and notifications that ensures transparency and accountability throughout the delivery process.

      One of the main benefits of a TrackView is that it helps to save time, resources, and money.

      How does TrackView work?

      Now let us see how TrackView works. TrackView typically consists of two components: a dispatcher dashboard and a mobile app for field workers. 

      The dispatcher dashboard allows dispatchers to assign jobs, track the status of assignments, and communicate with field workers. 

      On the other hand, mobile apps allow field workers to receive tasks assigned to them, and view or update job status.

      Route optimization

      Route optimization; one of the key features of the TrackView app.

      Route optimisation is the process of finding the most efficient route for a vehicle or a group of vehicles to travel between two or more destinations, while minimizing distance, time, fuel costs, and other factors.

      Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, TrackView app automatically calculates the most efficient delivery routes based on various factors such as traffic, road conditions, and distance.

      Advantages of Route optimisation.

      The advantages of using Route optimisation features in AVLView are enormous. Optimizing delivery routes can help in various factors viz.,

      • Drivers can complete more deliveries in less time
      • Reduced fuel costs and increased productivity
      • Helps to reduce the likelihood of missed or delayed deliveries,
      • Provides real-time traffic updates and
      • Help fleet owners to take quick decisions to reroute their vehicles if there are any road closures or traffic jams.

      Capacity Planning

      Capacity planning is the second major feature made available in the TrackView app.

      Capacity planning in fleet management involves identifying the ideal number of vehicles with optimal load capacity to fulfill a company’s delivery needs.

      Here are some of the advantages of Capacity Planning in fleet management:

      • Better fleet utilization:Capacity planning helps fleet managers to identify which vehicles are underutilized and which are over-utilized. This enables them to redistribute their fleet resources and ensure that all vehicles are being used efficiently.
      • Cost savings:Capacity planning allows fleet managers to optimize the use of their vehicles, ensuring that they are not over- or under-utilized. This can help reduce fuel and maintenance costs, as well as vehicle wear and tear.
      • Improved customer satisfaction:By ensuring that the fleet has the right number of vehicles with the appropriate capacity to meet customer demand, fleet managers can reduce delivery delays and increase customer satisfaction.
      • Enhanced safety and compliance: By tracking vehicle capacity, fleet managers can ensure that vehicles are not overloaded, which can lead to safety hazards and regulatory compliance issues.
      • Increased operational efficiency: Capacity planning enables fleet managers to streamline their operations and optimize their resources, leading to improved operational efficiency and reduced downtime..

      Vehicle checkup log and notifications

      Let’s now move on to the next most useful features for a vehicle owner or fleet manager i.e. ‘Vehicle checkup log’.

      A vehicle checkup log is a record of all the maintenance and repairs performed on a vehicle.

Vehicle checkup log helps vehicle owners keep track of the vehicle’s maintenance history and can also assist in identifying recurring problems with the vehicle, which can be addressed before they become major issues.

For instance, as a fleet owner it will be difficult for you to check the running condition of all your vehicles on a daily basis. Maintaining a vehicle checkup log and scheduling vehicle check ups makes sure that you are aware of what needs to be done, and how often to keep your vehicles in top running condition.

Vehicle checkup log

Major benefits of vehicle checkup log

Benefits of a vehicle checkup log are many and varied. Here are some of the major benefits of vehicle checkup log.

      • Better vehicle performance
      • Reduced operational cost
      • Increased life span of your vehicles and
      • Reduced maintenance cost

Vehicle checkup notifications

Apart from scheduling a vehicle checkup, the AVLView lets a user be notified on a scheduled check up via SMS, Mobile push notification, Email, and Popup messages. This makes sure that defects are prevented on time before an accident or major repair happens to your vehicle.

For example, if your vehicle’s engine oil needs to be checked or any mechanical parts needs to be verified for any defects, you may set a reminder for this.

Getting alerted on scheduled vehicle check ups ensures that you don’t miss out on anything. This helps you keep a track of your vehicle maintenance needs and leave no room for error.

Fleet data analysis

The preceding paragraphs outlined the diverse features and options offered by the AVLView fleet management system, which facilitates the efficient and streamlined management of fleets.

Now let us move on to the most crucial part in fleet management; ‘Fleet data analysis’.

In order to perform a fleet data analysis, we should have information on two things – How well the drivers used/utilised the vehicles and the cost involved in managing your fleets.

Cost analysis

AVLView GPS tracking platform can help fleet owners manage their costs more effectively by providing real-time data on fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and other expenses.

This information allows you as a fleet owner to analyse the incurred cost/expenses and help identify areas where you can reduce costs.

For instance, if a fleet owner notices that one of their vehicles has high fuel consumption, they can investigate the cause and take corrective action. It could be that the driver is using the vehicle inefficiently or that the vehicle needs maintenance.

Cost analysis

Driver behavioral analysis

Now comes the most difficult part in fleet management ‘Driver behavior analysis’.

Any negligence or bad behaviour of your drivers on the road can result in unexpected expense to your company.

To overcome this hurdle, AVLView provides fleet owners with data/information on driver behavior on the road, such as over speeding, harsh braking, sudden acceleration etc., which can result in increased fuel consumption and higher maintenance costs.

By utilizing available data, AVLView identifies drivers who engage in these behaviors and generates a driver scorecard that provides you with a better understanding of their performance.

Driver behavioural analysis

A driver scorecard includes the below parameters;

      • Distance covered
      • Duration
      • Overspeeding
      • Rash driving and
      • Ac Misuse.

By making use of the above information, fleet owners can take corrective action, such as providing training or disciplinary measures.

Adhoc reports

AVLView GPS tracking software offers various unique ad-hoc reporting templates that can help you as a fleet owner to get a more detailed understanding of your fleet’s performance.

These reports can help you have;

Better insight into fleet utilisation

AVLView provides several metrics, including fleet utilization metrics, which provide a detailed view of vehicle usage. This may include metrics such as ;

      • Hours plied
      • Distance traveled
      • Utilized percentage and
      • Operating costs.

Fleet utilisation chart

Other important metrics

Apart from the above discussed information, AVLView also generates data/reports viz.,

      • Driver RAG (red, amber, green) report:This report provides information on driver behavior on the road, such as speeding, frequent braking, seatbelt violation etc.
      • Fuel consumption report:This report gives you insight on fuel consumption for each vehicle in the fleet.
      • Service reports:These are useful information on the service/maintenance required or performed for each vehicle. This could be the maintenance expense or expenses incurred for paying insurance premium, road tax etc.
      • Vehicle current status report: Vehicle current status report provides you a quick overview of the current status of all your vehicles in angle shot, current status could be ‘`In the garage”, “Undergoing maintenance” etc.

AI Chatbot (AVLBot) to assist you 24/7

We have discussed in detail the major features available in the AVLView platform. Now let’s see the main feature that makes AVLView stand above all other fleet management platforms; “AVLBot”

What is AVLBot?

AVLBot is a chatbot based on natural language processing and Artificial intelligence. AVLBot can process and provide vehicle tracking solutions or responses to almost all queries relating to your fleets within no time.

Chatbot is trained to use machine language to understand the context and intent of a question before formulating a response.


Advantages of AVLBot

AVLBot can assist you to retrieve fleet data, view fleet activities such as the current location of the truck, share location with your customer, distance travelled and who drives the vehicle etc.

Apart from this, you can

      • Generate reports
      • Create alerts
      • Raise any support/sales related issues
      • Receive instant responses.

Here are a few commands you could pass to retrieve information.

locate – to locate a vehicle. E.g., “Locate my vehicle”.
report – to generate reports. E.g., “show speed report for the day”.
alert – to show alerts generated. E.g., “show alerts for the day”.

To conclude, AVLView GPS tracking platform is one of the best vehicle tracking solutions and the features in AVLView provide valuable insights into fleet usage and help fleet owners manage their vehicles more efficiently.



Priyendran is part of the Clients Relations team.