Samsung’s new concept lets you overtake trucks safely

Posted on Thursday, June 25th, 2015 By Mifthas Haris

Samsung safety truck technology
It’s always an issue having a truck in front of you on road, especially when it is blocking your view on a narrow two-lane road. Many of us tempt to pass by, even if we know it is unsafe to overtake. And accidents do occur, with most of these accidents occurring on two-lane roads.
With this in mind, Samsung developed a technology – Safety truck for trucks that seeks to enrich the lives of people through innovation. “The Safety Truck consists of a wireless camera attached to the front of the truck, which is connected to a video wall made out of four exterior monitors located on the back of the truck. The monitors give drivers behind the truck a view of what is going on ahead, even in the dark of night”.
Argentina’s statistics on traffic accidents are among the highest in the world, with almost one person dies in a traffic accident every hour, 80% on roads mainly drivers attempting to overtake. It’s scary and happens in roads in India as well where one-line/two-line roads are in plenty. Though it is just a prototype, Samsung is said to be in consultation with safe working NGOs and the government. Hope the technology really works and help save lives.

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