Latest in Analytics, Reports & Services

Latest in Analytics, Reports & Services
Dec 21, 2021 | Release updates

Upgrade to AVLView 9.0.3

The latest release (ver. 9.0.3) has the following updates: vehicle checkup log in the service module, performance improvements (dashboard), new features in Analytics and Report modules, and minor bug fixes.

Vehicle checkup log

A reliable vehicle is always the most significant asset to a fleet owner like you, and it’s always vital to keep your fleets looked after with a suitable vehicle check-up log.

The latest check-up log feature allows you to create check-up forms from ‘Settings’ with the desired list of items and view the log in the ‘Service’ module, including fuel log, Odometer reading, service history details, etc.

check up items

check up log

Taking the time to make a few checks could help you improve your fleet operation.

A proper vehicle check-up log offers many benefits, viz.,

Longer lifespan for your vehicle: Timely servicing or maintenance helps you extend the longevity of the engine and other components and extends the lifespan of your vehicles.

Reduced maintenance cost: Keeping track of all your vehicle maintenance lets you prevent unexpected technical issues and helps you keep the maintenance cost to the minimum.

Better vehicle performance: A vehicle check-up log helps you perform on-time maintenance of your vehicle, and a timely serviced vehicle performs better without any hassles.

Reduced operational cost: With a proper vehicle check-up log in place, you can ensure that your fleet provides the desired result and your operational costs are kept at a minimum level.

Report module

Earlier, if the requested report was massive, the report was delivered to the requester’s email. The updated one allows you to download the report from the reports pane itself, under the downloads option. You no longer have to wait for a report link in your inbox to analyse your fleet data.

download requests

Dashboard and Analytics

In addition, we improved the code in the backend to improve the “Dashboard” module and bring in notable performance enhancement.

Also, the export option is made available for Fleet utilization data in the Analytics module.



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