GPS tracking for Cars

Vrrrooooooom Vrrroooooooom…

GPS tracking for CarsThat’s how it sounds with the new Porsche 911; a piece of an ultimate mechanical innovation on the track field with an awesome 400 horse power engine that lets you fly like a phoenix bird, a convertible top that offers you style & passion, ground level clearance that offers you luxury and an interior that soothes your mind and comforts you in any stressful condition.
Above all, Porsche started offering a GPS tracking system for their cars a year ago, some valuable system that can track the vehicle even if it’s being smuggled in cargo from one to another country. What does this offer mean to customers? A post theft system that could bring the vehicle back, a technology that can take care of your automobile which was your dream for the whole life. Porsche is not the first or last luxury car providers who offer GPS tracking system with their vehicles, BMW’s do the same. Lexus, GM, Mercedes etc have systems that can notify medical personnel whilst an accident or police for an emergency panic situation.
Porsche, BMW, GM, Mercedes, Lexus.. all high end luxurious cars that could be fitted with their own tracking systems. What about Suzuki? Or Toyota’s economic/medium class vehicles? Don’t they demand safety? Can they be made safe too?
Of course yes, any car in the market can be fitted with GPS tracking systems that offer real time speed, position, fuel level, security systems, camera and many more features. Devices are available in all ranges, with various features & facilities. Identify the requirements and choose the right GPS tracking device that’s suitable for you; if you are a private vehicle owner, you may not need fuel monitoring features, whereas if you own a no: of cabs for your travel & tourism business, you may prefer to have a camera fitted in cars to ensure safety of your passengers. With the cases of auto theft increasing day by day, GPS tracking is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for your car’s safety & security.
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Priyendran K P