Ruptela Eco 4+- GPS tracking device to suit your budget

Ruptela Eco 4+- GPS tracking device to suit your budget
Mifthas Haris


Ruptela Eco 4+ GPS tracking Device
What would be the last thing you fear to face while using a GPS Tracking System to track your vehicles & monitor your driver performance? No second thoughts, the performance of the tracking device itself. You installed GPS tracking devices in your 100 vehicles and within a year’s time, 20 of them are down, the rage you felt is quite understandable. The time when you start thinking of a device with least fault history, that can serve you all the time, the one you can rely on to track your vehicles 24/7.
Take Ruptela FM Eco 4+; this GPS tracking device have a very sturdy body manufactured to IP67 compliance standards that meets the expectations of full resistance to dust and water. Ruptela Eco 4+ is designed to work despite of environmental limitations that makes it a strong competent for tracking even motor bikes & boats. Designed & manufactured in European Union with an e-mark certificate (72/245/EEC directive), this GPS device has a failure rate of less than 0.2%. ie., if you take a 1000 devices together, chances are less than 2 will be faulty.
Ruptela FM eco4 + GPS tracking devices are most suitable for:

Real time tracking and monitoring of vehicles
Can support 2 analog fuel sensors @ a time
Temperature monitoring
Driver identification & authorization
See when battery voltage is dropping

Somewhat compact size, durable case & built-in internal battery of Ruptela Eco 4+ GPS tracking device (82x63x28mm) makes it highly recommended to be installed in various types of vehicles:
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