Prevent vehicle theft with realtime GPS tracking

Have you ever had to deal with the theft of a fleet vehicle of the merchandise it was carrying? If you have then you know the cost, stress, and hassle that dealing with it can bring. If you haven’t, take it from us, it’s not something you want to go through.
Losing a vehicle or a large amount of merchandise can be crippling to a small business. Even large corporations can face major setbacks when it happens. If you want to protect your vehicles and the goods they transport from theft, then you need to see what our fleet automation system with Realtime GPS tracking can do for your business.
Virtual Fence Provides Early Warnings
Prevent Vehicle Theft With Realtime GPS trackingWith our system, you can program a virtual fence around your fleet. If any of your vehicles leave the “fence” when they are not scheduled too, the GPS tracker will pick up on it and send you a warning. This can help alert you to theft and other serious issues like your drivers using company vehicles for unauthorized trips.
Remote Immobilization Stops Thieves In Their Tracks
If the worst happens and you receive a warning that one or more of your vehicles is leaving your virtual fence without authorization, you can quickly put a stop to the theft attempt with remote immobilization included in many of our fleet automation packages. You can remotely stop the vehicle from being able to travel any further then notify authorities of the exact GPS location of your vehicle.
Unique Identification Means You Always Know Who’s Driving
Prevent Vehicle Theft With Realtime GPS trackingWith our fleet automation system, you can fit your drivers with a variety or unique identification markers like iButtons or RFid chips. This means you will know what driver is in what vehicle at all times. Plus, you can be alerted the moment an unauthorized person starts driving the vehicle.
For more information on protecting your vehicles from theft with a fleet automation system, contact us today for a personal consultation.


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