Making teenagers drive responsibly

Making teenagers drive responsibly
Mifthas Haris

Let them know the basic thing that it’s not their right to drive, but a privilege given by parents/guardians. Let them realize, in comes a lot of responsibilities along with the driving privileges they have been given. What responsibilities are we talking about? Obviously, responsibility of their own lives, lives of co-travelers, lives of other motorists, pedestrians, other living beings etc.
So, how can you make teenage drivers more responsible? Prepare a list of rules & regulations that your teenagers are supposed to follow; make it clear, concise and straight to the point. Create a set of actions to be taken in case of failures in following the rules; all should be related to driving.
For eg: “If you are exceeding 70 km/hr, you will not be allowed to drive for the next 2 weeks”
“If you are driving recklessly with frequent jackrabbit starts & sudden brakes, you shall not drive in my absence”
“If you took car for long drives without my permission, for the rest of the year, you shall drive only with in the areas I say”
It’s always advisable to let them follow the rules rather than passing heated arguments and shouting at them like “You are not going to drive my car till I permit you again” or “You are going to kill yourself at this speed”. Through a mutually agreed contract, you can keep them in track and ensure their safety; for none else, but your peace of mind.

drivingTrust your kids, BUT keep on check!!
There’s nothing wrong in keeping them on track when they are riding vehicles; end of the day you are being called responsible for their acts. None of the above said examples are extra ordinary or superficial that they are too hard to be followed. Make use of a GPS Tracking system and monitor minute by minute updates of your vehicles. Any violations taken place shall be notified as text messages & emails. I would always advice to let your teenager know about this system installed in the car, trust me; Believe it or not, I would drive more carefully & responsibly if I realize someone is watching me.


Mifthas Haris


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