About AVLView

AVLView is a fleet automation platform on cloud that tracks vehicles on the map, monitor fuel usage, helps cut operational losses in half and increase fleet/driver productivity.

It gives instant alerts on events to improve green driving, timely delivery; automate trip schedule and notify you on vehicle maintenance. 

AVLView is more than just GPS tracking.

GPS tracking by itself does relatively little to help you streamline running your fleet and companies that sell this service by itself often don’t live up to the promises they make. 

AVLView uses GPS tracking data to gather pertinent information about your fleet, but instead of just handing you that information it takes it much further and use that information to create you an individualized optimization plan.

GPS tracking of course helps you answer your questions regarding your fleet activities on road, but it does not tell you how to overcome the challenges raised. 

The Problems faced by Vehicle Owners or Fleet Managers…

Managing fleet is like herding cats; the tools currently available in the market (vehicle tracking services) are pretty basic and almost all of them focus on just one challenge; locate a vehicle on the map.

None of the tools address any of the plethora of other challenges faced by fleet owners such as;

Gauge vehicle utilization to help right-size fleet;

Schedule Trips & Jobs;

Periodic maintenances going unnoticed;

Lack of control over fleet & drivers;

Ineffective anti-theft measures; 

Repeated clients’ calls asking whereabouts; 

Inability to properly analyse operational expenses; 

Inability to validate driver behaviour; 

Bring all operations under one umbrella and many others…

How fleet owners are often fooled?

65% of our clients have had GPS vehicle tracking done by other service providers and failed.

Our team helped them all to move from chaos to control. We did a survey and found out the following startling revelations…

Lack of awareness

Most fleet owners, do not have any idea what to buy, what to expect & often wonders if their operational challenges can really be solved with a software. They are often surprised to see fleet automation in action.

Hidden/Bait & Switch pricing

Vendors seem to find ways to get prospects into their net, sell them on a product at a cheap price, and then change the rules when support calls arise.

Cheap user experience

Cheesy platforms that do not solve real fleet operational challenges.

Poor after sale support

The entire arrangement is outsourced, their staff are hardly trained on courtesy, on the products or even on time management. 

Hit & Run (One-time sales) service: 

The types who woo fleet owners, make a sale & then disappear.

Why fleet owners trust AVLView?

Fleet automation offered at the cost of GPS vehicle tracking.

Is a set of easy-to-useamazing tools to solve many fleet operational challenges.

Software as a service (SaaS) on Amazon cloud with Google Maps premier API.

Automated offline nightly reports in your email inbox, besides 6 months’ of historical data.

Unlimited sub users;  a variety of alerts via exception reports, downloadable in excel/pdf/CSV.

Quick and efficient support system with clearly defined escalation matrix.

Device independent cloud based software that supports a wide range of European devices.

Life-long warranty for the units in contract, guaranteed 99.9% uptime, frequent hassle-free updates.

Periodic physical visits (Every 4 months) by technicians for maintenance.

Offered as SaaS with combo packages ( European device, SIM card, GPRS data charges ).

Options to upload excel files with Landmarks/points of interest (POI), Refuel data, Driver and Vehicle data.

Mobile app (iPhone, iPad & Android phone, tab) to help you monitor/track vehicles on the go.

The software meets 103 compliance requirements as set by the Singapore government entity.

4000+ companies as our clients, all of them recommend our service to other fleet owners.

The only product from Asia among the TOP Global 20 Fleet Software list published by Capterra.

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