Set up custom­ized access and security levels to meet the needs of your organization..

AVLView’s powerful role-based permission system makes it easy to define the access level for each user on your account.


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Create unlimited users and assign them to specific groups for easier management. Users with limited vehicle access will only be able to see the vehicles they are authorized to access.

Add vehicle groups

Create as many as vehicle groups (eg: Sales, Purchase, Delivery etc) and assign respective vehicles to each, so your fleet management would just be a walk in the park. Not just that, with an organizational structure, you can even create numerous departments and assign staffs & vehicles to each, giving specific working hours for each department (eg: 9.00am to 6.30pm).

  • Color coding for groups for easier identification
  • Generate GPS tracking reports based on groups
  • Assign vehicle groups to multiple users
Create unlimited vehicle groups and categorize vehicles for easier fleet management

Create unlimited GPS tracking application users with user hierarchies for easier fleet management

Role based user hierarchy

Possible that you are truly busy with your business and you do not have enough time to peep through your fleet management system all the while. Why bother? Create multiple application users using your admin privileges and assign modules to be taken care of. Let them do the job for you, so you keep focussing on your business goals.

  • Create unlimited users, no restrictions whatsoever
  • User access can be role/privilege based or/and group based
  • User statistics report to monitor user activities