Reports Overview Dashboard

Release notes (v9.0.2)

We are happy to announce the latest update to the reports module. This time we added reports’ overview to the dashboard.

The overview is available under the sub-tab ‘Reports’ in the dashboard. The new update brings in many improvements (please also refer to the release update ver 9.0.1) to the reports module.

Pin Your Reports to Overview Dashboard

The report overview helps you organise special reports for quick reference. You can also pin (and unpin) reports to the overview dashboard.

These pinned reports can be in chart or in tabular format.

Click the Pin icon to pick and add a report from the list to have an overview of the same from the “Reports” tab in the dashboard.

These pinned reports can individually be viewed by clicking on the “view” icon on the placeholders.

The new reports overview tab has highly flexible widget placement options, the in-line placing of parameters, and implicit refreshing with more intelligence.

And we hope the new reports overview dashboard meets your fleet operation needs.