Why invest in vehicle tracking?

Why invest in vehicle tracking?
Mifthas Haris

You have a vision and you are willing to implement anything to get one step closer as the day passes on. Who are you? A school management authority or a logistics services company? May be a whole sale supplier of iron or a travel & tourism company with 100’s of vehicles? Whoever you are, I am sure of one thing, you are just looking for that ‘One step’to be closer to your vision.

Why invest in Vehicle Tracking?You have a number of vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, busses or any other vehicle) driven by various people for transportation and logistics, there won’t be a day in your life that you are thinking ‘Where’s that vehicle now? ’. You wish if you could reject that statement, but you can’t, simply because this is one of the most common worries of every fleet owner.

Vehicle tracking, is it rocket science? Not really, this is an easier process than you think, you do not need to install any application in your laptop to make use of this. Technology has grown so far that applications can be accessed from anywhere @ anytime with the help of an internet connection. What all we need to do is configure the GPS tracking device in your vehicles and use a web based GPS vehicle tracking software.

We have enough examples about the implications of daily usage of insecure, uninsured and unmonitored vehicles, be it a school bus or a logistics carrier. Maintenance/replacement costs of vehicles are on a rocket high and reckless driving and its consequences, an added worry all for you, the Business owner. Accidents and unauthorized usage eventually affect the actual value of a vehicle.
Before researching to a great extent on buying a GPS vehicle tracking solution, let’s go for a quick glance on the reasonability & requirements. Why do you need vehicle tracking? Answer is the questions and worries you have in your own mind.
Why invest in Vehicle Tracking?

  • Where is your vehicle now?
  • Are you losing customers due to un-timely delivery of goods/packages?
  • Are your drivers taking more time than expected to commit a task?
  • Are they following the pre-planned routes as you want them to?
  • Are they taking more time than they are allotted for their leisure breaks?
  • Are they using company vehicles for personal use?
  • Are the drivers entering unauthorized zones during their work timings?
  • How much time do they spend with your customers?
  • Where all did they stop and what time did they take in each location?
  • What are they doing during their time of work?
  • No preplanned routes? But you would like to know where all your drivers are going using company vehicles?
  • For how long your vehicle has been idle?
  • How much fuel & time are being wasted un-necessarily due to unneeded stoppages?
  • Are drivers exceeding the speed limits they have been assigned with?

Questions are many…what you need are real time answers..

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Mifthas Haris