Improvised performance with lazy loading for reports

Improvised performance with lazy loading for reports
Priyendran KP
Dec 02, 2013 | Release updates

How do the reports in AVLView V 3.3 look? We are sure; you have started to love it by this time. But we are not going to stop with a mere new look; we relentlessly focus on bringing the best user experience to you in fleet automation.
Performance Improvisation
If the previous version was aimed at bringing a new visual experience with drastic yet eye-catching changes in ‘Reports’, the all new V 3.3.1 has focused more on performance optimization allowing it to be more smooth & easier for you.

  • Lazy loading for reports (pagination)
  • Device failure alert for admin (if one of the tracking device continuously fails to send data for 24 hours)
  • Minor bug fixes

Priyendran KP


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