Top 5 myths about GPS vehicle tracking

Top 5 myths about GPS vehicle tracking
Priyendran KP
Mar 20, 2013 | Vehicle tracking

Why do people object to install GPS tracking in their fleet, reasons are many, most being the myths about GPS tracking. What we have learned is, real users have entirely different experience and opinions because they have tried it once before judging.

Top 5 myths about GPS tracking

1. If I install this, my drivers will quit and I’ll have time only to search for new drivers.

Wrong prediction I would say; what we got to do is convince drivers that this system is for bringing best results and not for being judgmental on them. Once drivers/field workers are used to it, they would be happy that through proper routing. they can go directly to the next site without complications. On-road assistance at the right spot and safety of drivers and assets are additional factors that could motivate them not to speak against GPS.
2. Satellite technology? Way too complicated, we are old fashioned.

GPS tracking, satellite technology, rocket science … technology might be too complicated. But what if the software application or the user interface that you get along with the package is easy to use? A GPS tracking system in simple language, easy access and available through internet could help you out. Think twice!! You wish to stay old-fashioned, but your competitors may not do so and would reap more benefits staying up-to-date in market.
3. I know the status; I am always in touch with my drivers.

You are not keeping them in track by listening to what they say; you believe blindly. Why do so, when you can get real time location, stoppage times, speeding data, mileage, engine status etc all through an easy-to-use system. You/your team member might already be spending atleast $15 to get information on 1 vehicle every month; is it not better to invest the same cost in a technology that can give you unlimited information on your assets?
4. I don’t think my company can afford it.

Truth is you are already spending a crucial amount of money on your fleet without your knowledge. Not committing timely maintenance leading to wear and tear, fuel theft/leakage causing operational loss, undisciplined delivery of assets causing client loss, overtime claims by drivers and so on goes the list. Invest the money that you spent blindly now, look for long term benefits; you could surely reap it off from 3rd month.
5. I trust my people; I don’t want to spy on them.

GPS tracking is not all about spying on employees. It’s for monitoring the moves that if they go wrong, you could re-direct easily. A GPS tracking system mainly reduces operating costs by notifying you immediately on timely maintenance schedules, monitoring fuel levels, increasing response times by scheduled routing and efficient dispatching and so on.

There could be 1000 reasons for not accepting a business change, but only one reason to commit the changes for a fruitful future. Who wouldn’t wish to be an optimist?


Priyendran KP