Announcing School Bus management module + other features

Announcing School Bus management module + other features
Priyendran KP

It can make a parent nervous when his/her child’s school bus is running behind schedule. If you’ve ever been in the situation where you’re waiting for your child at the bus stop, checking your watch, and the bus is five minutes late; and then ten minutes late; and then twenty minutes late; then you know the monologue in your mind during those moments very well.
The wait is over! this much awaited module is entirely dedicated for School Bus – Trip Management. This helps schools to create schedules, assign pickup/drop off points for buses and let parents know when their kids’ school bus is approaching stoppage/pickup/drop off points.
School bus tracking with GPS devices
Features include:

  • Create pre-scheduled trips for school busses.
  • Assign a specific route (route fence) through which the busses have to travel.
  • Include student pick-up/drop points as waypoints.
  • School management will receive notification alerts (by SMS/email) on schedule violations (mismatching in times, route deviations & missed stoppages)
  • Add students to school bus module with their grade info (class, division etc) eg: VII C
  • Assign students to scheduled trips (eg: Route 51) and assign their stops too.
  • Multiple trips can be assigned for students, but only 1 stop in each trip (students will have atleast 2 trips assigned – pickup/drop off)
  • Trip-view on map that gives a clear cut view on the route & stoppage points (Student pick-up/drop off)
  • Parents to have a sub-user account with live tracking of school bus that tells the progress of their kid’s journey along with the estimated time of arrival at their stops.

Other Improvements:
Trip schedule to have an entire new outlook which makes it real easy to work with.

  • Calendar & List View of schedules
  • Mapview for scheduled trips
  • Upto 21 Via-points can be added for each schedule

GPS tracking for school bus
Share location info of vehicles/shipments has been enhanced and made more beneficial for logistics/courier companies.
Shipment tracking for clients

  • Location info can be shared with multiple recipients @ a time
  • Specify links’ expiry period
  • History of sent links & email ids
  • Resend the link to the same user once expired (if client requests for it again)

Priyendran KP