GPS vehicle tracking & corporate needs

GPS vehicle tracking & corporate needs
Mifthas Haris
Apr 12, 2012 | Fleet management

Is life so hard managing all these pick up/drop vehicles? One is late, other one no response !!! Need help?

Multinational organizations across the world make use of a fleet of vehicles for employee transfer. By incorporating an efficient transportation system, merits are many, a few being employee timeliness, safe pick up & drop, easiness in scheduling available employees on client requests etc.
Fuel prices Up, Up & Up..

With the fuel prices hiking up every now and then as a result of global financial fluctuations, operating costs involved in fleet management proves to be an ongoing issue for the company budget. Once passed to your drivers, it’s a fact that you have a very less degree of control on its usage, and this very often results in excessive fuel costs, unauthorized usage and abnormal levels of wear & tear due to careless/wreck-less driving.GPS Vehicle tracking & Corporate Needs

Safety first…

Your employees’ safety is as important as your revenue. Think deeply, you cannot deny the fact that chances are really highly that these might be happening to you too, on a day to day basis. Up to a large extent, GPS tracking devices are valuable solutions to overcome the challenges raised above. By gaining knowledge of the whereabouts and live updates of your companies’ vehicles, tracking devices can greatly enhance fleet management giving a sigh of relief in both financial and safety perspectives.

Through vehicle tracking devices and a perfectly blended web based tracking application; you can regain absolute control of your vehicles. The feeling that someone is monitoring and supporting you will always create a sense of safety and awareness.


Mifthas Haris


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