Make dispatches EASY and FAST; Garmin Nuvi® with GPS Vehicle Tracking

Don’t you want your service staff at your client’s door at the time that best works for them? Technology integration such as GPS tracking system integration with Garmin Nuvi helps maximize value helping you “deliver happiness“ to your clients.
Garmin Nuvi integration makes life easier for everyone especially dispatchers by streamlining communication from your office to the field staff, and delivering audio turn-by-turn directions to and among delivery points.

Make dispatches EASY and FAST;  Garmin Nuvi® with GPS Vehicle Tracking

  • Dispatch office use the AVLView GPS vehicle tracking platform to send and receive top priority messages to get field delivery/pickup updates, broadcast key alerts, avoiding disruptive and often time-consuming phone calls.
  • Drivers, who get their jobs as messages on the Garmin Nuvi in the right order, can then simply press, “Go” to start navigating to the next delivery point.
  • Your back office use the AVLView platform to see where vehicles are in relation to their delivery points in the field and share data with clients on expected time of delivery/arrival instantly.


By connecting GPS vehicle tracking device via an Interface tool kit to a Garmin Personal Navigation Device (PND) in each vehicle, your drivers now have a display to receive/send messages and make available all priority communication on fingertips. It also helps drivers for real-time navigation and job dispatch capabilities to help them be more efficient.


The result is less delivery time, fast response & increased productivity in the field and shorter routes on the road.  Everyone wins with such handy value tools to manage communication and increase response times. And you continue to save even more money.


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Priyendran K P