GPS tracking and Kerala tourism

GPS tracking and Kerala tourism
Mifthas Haris
Mar 07, 2012 | Tourism

Kerala – Southernmost state of India referred as God’s own country for its various tourists attractions. The aesthetic natural beauty of Kerala with hills, rivers, lagoons, beaches, rainforests etc brings tourists from all around the globe. A perfect blend of natural beauty meeting the aspects of ecotourism. With tourism playing such a vital role to Kerala’s economy, GPS tracking could be one aspect to improve security, reliability & transportation easiness.

Tourism in Kerala

Kerala tourism is known to be one of the prestigious and the most soothing in India. Known for its lusty green environment, Kerala’s preservation strategy of natural tourist spots is a true illustration of eco tourism initiatives.

What do you care most when you are on a vacation?
GPS tracking and Kerala tourism

What do tourists care more about when they visit a place? Undoubtedly we could say, it’s all about safety; be it at any part of this world, safety is the highest priority for tourists. It’s a wake up call for tourism organizations as well as tour operators to shift the focus on their safe transportation. If people do not feel safe when on a vacation, neither would they go to the same place nor they refer that place to anyone. Believe it or not, ‘word of mouth’ stands on top among the referral systems for vacations. If it’s negative, then the foreign currency flowing to the local economy will stop immediately that the tourism organizations wouldn’t even have a chance to think about a different strategy.

Monitor live….Anytime, Anywhere

This is where GPS trackers can help, GPS trackers on tourist vehicles will enhance security by keeping track of location with respect to time. If a cab halts at a specific spot for a specific time (which you can define), an alert would be sent to the organizers/operators. GPS tracking systems would allow the security officers to communicate and co-ordinate more effectively with each other, reducing the response time by a huge margin at the time of crisis or crucial circumstances.

Recent surveys say that vehicle tracking technology is now turning out to be inevitable part of travel & tourism industry. Once GPS tracking is implemented in your cabs, dispatching & routing vehicles to pick up & drop off tourists would just be a walk on the beach. GPS tracking has advanced very much that, now all you need is an internet connectivity to monitor your vehicles live using a web browser from any PC/laptop/mobile.

Know more about the needs for GPS tracking. GPS trackers continue to show their significance and use, as more and more industries continue to adopt for safer and timely delivery of goods. If explored well, this fleet management strategy can cause a highly positive impact on you business too. Why not give it a try and feel the difference.


Mifthas Haris


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