Do your thing with 2 way messaging; Garmin Nuvi® with AVLView

Do your thing with 2 way messaging;  Garmin Nuvi® with AVLView
Priyendran KP
Sep 14, 2012 | Vehicle tracking

You will be amazed when you think of how you managed your fleet without these value tools with all the benefits of AVLView along with extra Garmin capabilities.

2 way messaging

  • Text messages sent to device is displayed in “Inbox” on Nuvi
  • Garmin can provide confirmation that message was read
  • Simple quick response with a yes/no box below the text of the message
  • Messages up to 128 characters in length allowed
  • New messages can be generated from device and sent to dispatch/office
  • Messages received as a pop-up alert on the display

Garmin Nuvi with AVLView GPS tracking software

  • Virtual keyboard with a touch-screen for text communication
  • Dispatch/office has the ability to wipe clean the data on the PND
  • Clean up messages in inbox/remove stops/delivery points
  • Up to 200 “canned” responses from server to be stored directly on Garmin devices
  • Up to 50 of these canned responses can be utilized for any given scenarios
  • Drivers can store up to 120 canned messages, for easy responses

Stop (Destination/Delivery/Pickup) points

  • Displays a list of Stops/Jobs reported to the device in a separate icon called “My Stops”
  • Driver has ability to navigate directly to Stop from list
  • Provides status on current Stop in progress
  • Is driver en route or driver reached location?
  • How far has Driver progressed through the list of Stop points?
  • Garmin can also provide confirmation that driver has received a particular Stop, read the details, or deleted it from list
  • Can provide confirmation that a Stop point has been completed
  • Dispatcher/office can request the ETA of the current stop/job in progress
  • Garmin will notify the actual time of arrival as well as distance remaining to stop
  • Auto detect arrival at a Stop and then to prompt the driver if they would like to mark the Stop as done and begin navigating to next point on the list
  • Auto-arrival can be determined by how far the unit is stopped close to the destination or by how close the unit needs to be to the destination before the Auto-arrival feature is activated

Status update
Garmin Nuvi with AVLView GPS tracking software

  • Know where your vehicle is now, where it’s been, where it’s headed and how fast it is driven.
  • Provides drivers the ability to login before starting their day with ID’s up to fifty characters in length
  • Near real time communications that allow drivers to automatically send status updates.
  • Can store up to sixteen status indicators such as start/stop shift, on/off break, etc.

Point of Interest (PoI)

  • Enables server to send POI’s to be stored in the device’s memory under the favorites folder
  • Number of POI’s that can be stored depends upon the amount of available memory on each unit
  • Perfect for cataloging company approved vendor locations, customers and various other locations

Priyendran KP