City Corporation in India improves staff productivity, bring better service; all through GPS tracking

City Corporation in India improves staff  productivity, bring better service; all  through GPS tracking
Mifthas Haris

“My street lights are not working for a month now”
“It’s ok, your area is far better than mine, electric lines are so rusty that it could break with an above-average wind”
“You are kidding, drainage in our colony is stinking and we are so concerned about our kids’ health”
“And when I am calling helpline, this is what they say “Ohhh!! I apologize for the delay, none of our teams are there in your area right now”
“How did they know that none of their teams are here, I could see one of the employees sitting in their jeep right there chattering around”
Any of the above voices sounds like yours?
Workforce assigned with these tasks by the authorities perform their job when they find enough time, after all their household assignments; dropping children @ school, buying veggies from the market and so on.
Hang on; not the same story for Mangalore City Corporation now!!
City Corporation of Mangalore, a small township in India is proving how GPS tracking can be beneficial by offering timely services to the residents; simply when a street light goes off or a power outage, drainage block etc. All the 20 corporation vehicles equipped with GPS tracking have also been provided with a ‘Lakshman Rekha’-(or so-called Geofencing) keeping the teams away from wasting time in unnecessary breaks and personal purposes.
Through GPS technology, Corporation Authorities are keeping track of their teams every moment ensuring jobs are done in time and not left incomplete. According to the sources, MCC is not going to stop, but to extend the technology to various other civic bodies including sewage, pump works and other related infrastructure departments. Officials are pretty sure that these GPS tracking systems are not only going to improve work productivity of their field teams, but also bring best results to public in least time.


Mifthas Haris


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