Buying a GPS tracking system? Top things to consider……

Buying a GPS tracking system? Top things to consider……
Priyendran KP
Nov 14, 2012 | Vehicle tracking

Among hundreds of GPS tracking devices and software out there in the market which one should you choose? Some offer low cost devices with reasonable subscription costs whereas some others, high-end devices with relatively high subscription cost.
What difference does it make if I buy a low cost Chinese GPS tracking device? Can we buy GPS tracking devices on our own and track them using an independent platform? Or, do I need to buy devices from a vendor who offers vehicle tracking software with select devices?
A lot of questions pop up your mind as soon as you plan to buy GSP tracking. Choosing “the right” GPS tracking system from many of the available vehicle tracking vendors in the market is a herculean task. It’s always advisable to find a fleet management consultant who will then analyze, identify your exact requirements and suggest a few options to choose from. Crashing economy, fluctuating currency values and hiking fuel prices; you don’t need to think twice to know if the market is unstable. Obtaining real benefit through cutting operational losses is the optimal solution to keep up with the pace in today’s economic climate. It would rather be better if you choose software that is:
Top things to consider while buying a GPS tracking system

  • Easy to use
  • Has the ability to customize
  • Least downtime
  • Real time updates & reliable connectivity
  • Accurate In-depth Reporting
  • High level customer service

Why do you intent to buy a GPS tracking solution? Sole reason is you wish to make instantaneous decisions on managing vehicles; this includes idle times, fuel consumption, harsh driving techniques, unlawful vehicle usage etc. A real time tracking application that gives you updates in the short spans could make it easy for you to monitor it live.

Growing requirement in fleet arena for a real time GPS tracking system has led to the introduction of many low cost GPS tracking applications that offer poor quality systems, inaccurate information and a low level customer service. Hence, once again, what you should do first is find a vendor who can offer you a customized GPS tracking application that caters specifically to your needs.


Priyendran KP