Benefits of live GPS tracking for your business

Benefits of live GPS tracking for your business
Mifthas Haris

If you operate a fleet-based business, live GPS tracking should be an important consideration for managing your vehicles. If you are still considering whether your company actually needs this technology, keep reading to find out the benefits of live, real time GPS tracking.
Pinpoint Accuracy in Scheduling
realtime-tracking-of-vehicles-on-mapThe ability to locate every vehicle in your fleet in real time allows you to make highly accurate scheduling decisions based on the location of the customer, and the closest fleet vehicle. This will provide increased customer satisfaction, and eliminate unnecessary wait times between deliveries.

Improved Vehicle Use
fleet-utilization-analysis-with-gps-trackingWhen you can track where every vehicle is located in your fleet, it allows you to determine any drivers that are not using vehicles in an authorized manner. GPS tracking also allows you to minimize idle vehicle time by pinpointing which driver has completed runs, and which ones have not. This allows you to better utilize operating vehicles, without relying on word from the driver.

Enhanced Route Planning
Live GPS tracking allows you to monitor and analyze current driver routes. This analysis allows you to plan better, more economical routes, to improve scheduling and delivery times.
Asset Management
Real time GPS allows you to guide lost drivers more effectively. The ability to pinpoint locations ensures you can provide detailed directions to get your driver back on track. If you have a vehicle that is stolen, you will have all the tools you need to locate the vehicle so that it can be recovered.
Decrease Operating Costs
Poor route planning and unauthorized vehicle use result in considerably higher fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and overtime payments. Live GPS tracking allows you to keep track of all fleet vehicles, making adjustments as needed to lower these costs.

Reduced Insurance Costs
Whether you are a taxi cab company, carrier, or courier, insuring all of those vehicles can be expensive. Some insurance companies have begun providing discounts for fleet vehicles that are equipped with live GPS tracking.
GPS tracking provides many benefits for fleet management. If you are ready to gain better control over your vehicles, contact us today.


Mifthas Haris