AVLView Ver.7.1.3 – Improvements

We hope you and your loved ones are safe during this testing time.

Our team has been working from home and were trying to tweak and tune the backend code along with some additional improvements in asset module viz.,

Import assets to the platform

Importing an asset to the platform is a cakewalk now. You can now “Import” asset(s) at your convenience, meaning, no more hassle of adding assets one by one to the platform.

Import assets to the platform

Edit an asset (from Dashboard)

You may easily edit details pertaining to an asset from Dashboard now viz..

  • Asset name
  • Asset code number
  • Time zone
  • Mobile Number
  • Service provider
  • Device location

Edit an asset

Alerts overview and option to enable alerts

The platform is updated with an option to view/manage alerts such as Low voltage, Shock/vibration and Spotfence. You may change the alert preferences set for each asset using this one view alerts dashboard.

Alerts overview and option to enable alerts

Hope the above features help, once again wishing you good luck and safe days ahead. If you have any questions, please do get in touch with the support team ( support@avlview.com).


Priyendran K P