AVLView ver; Improvements to PoI Suggestions

AVLView ver; Improvements to PoI Suggestions
Priyendran KP

Points of Interests: latest feature addition helps you set a color code for each PoI category as shown in the following image (eg: Bus Stop – Blue, School – Red, Parking space – Yellow etc).

MapView -> Manage POI/Zones -> Create -> Category

Color coding for Landmark (PoI) categories

Suggested PoIs: stoppage points from vehicle history to be suggested as possible Points of Interests, you may choose or dismiss the suggestions; you may now add & assign the suggested PoI as a spot fence on the go.

These stoppage sites could be your warehouses, pickup/drop off points, delivery points, client sites or project sites.

System suggests stoppages made as PoI

Module navigation strip added to Full screen window: where modules (such as Dashboard, Mapview, Alerts etc) are shown with respective icons, so you may switch easily to any other module without minimizing to normal view.

track vehicles on larger maps

Stacked up pop-ups: stack up alert notifications on screen, you can view up to 3 notifications at a time.

To enable stacked pop-up feature, go to:

Administration -> Basic Settings -> Pop-up Notification for Alerts -> Enable Stacked Pop-up

View alert notifications as stacked pop-up

Other Improvements

  • Idling report to have a filter similar to stoppage report. Eg., if you specify ‘Greater than 5 minutes’, all idling instances with a duration of 5 (and above) minutes shall be listed on the report.
    Reports -> Stoppages -> Idling -> More Options
  • Language settings for receiving alert notifications re-defined; now can be accessed from user profile on top right hand side of AVLView screen.
    User Profile -> Language settings
  • Changes in Speed report:
    – Speeding location included.
    – Consolidated report could be generated for ‘All vehicles’.
  • Minor bug fixes & other improvements in school bus module.

Priyendran KP