Real Time Tracking
Updates in every 5-10 seconds Licensed Google Maps Easy to use Deployed in Cloud
Vehicle UtilizationFinancial TrackingDriver ScorecardAsset-wise & Consolidated data
Incident/Event Notifications
Speeding Alert Green Driving Alert Stoppage(Idle) Alert Fencing Alerts Trip Schedule Alert Safety & Security Alerts Periodic Service Alerts Other Alerts
Fuel Management
Fuel level detection Fuel Theft/Fraud Protection Monitoring Fuel Consumption Fuel forecasting
Theft Protection
Park Fencing Immobilization iButton History
Digital Dispatch System
Two Way Messaging Real time Navigation & Tracking Scheduled Stoppages Canned (Archived)Messages
Vehicle Service & Maintenance
Schedule Service Service Alerts Service Reports Service History
Charts & Reports
Charts Reports
Points of Interest
Upload All POI’s Add a single POI
Trips/ Task management
Time based Management Calendar View Route fence Integration Alerts by SMS/email: Notification
In-Vehicle Surveillance
Live video streaming Voice Surveillance Panic Button
Reputation Management
Company Reliability Incredible Service Credibility
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Reputation Management

Company Reliability

Your drivers are ideally to be trusted to work ethically following the rules & schedules set for them, but this is not always the case. AVLView is a simple yet professional way to ensure your drivers are justifying their job without compromises. AVLView allows you to reduce idle times, unplanned stops and avoidable routes through real time monitoring, ensuring drivers are honest to their tasks/assignments. Your clients will start believing on your company ethics & policies and they will trust & prefer you more when a requirement arises.


Incredible Service

Your business is service related, and you know that time is the most important factor in your success. What’s next most important part? Without a doubt, communication!!
One of your delivery/drop is running late, has not yet reached the destination, your client called up seeking the status; you are calling driver, but not picking up or he’s giving wrong information on his location. Why all these hassles, simply install AVLView’s all in one FMS toolkit offer the best services ever for your clients. Stay uptight in the market with a huge client base. Errrr… highly satisfied huge client base.



Your company uses a GPS tracking system that has: Trips history and reports available for future reference, Geo, route & spot fences to limit unauthorized vehicle usage, ‘Trip schedule’ module to organize timely deliveries, anti-theft features offering the best security for your/client’s assets, Service & Maintenance module offering reminders on periodic services.

What else do clients need to trust you as a service provider? You are already doing everything to offer the best services in time.


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Fuel Management

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Theft Protection

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