Reduce fuel usage

With today’s fuel prices continue to climb, every hour your drivers spend driving (and idling with Aircon on) on the road ends up costing you money. It’s a fact: High speeds and jackrabbit starts burn fuel. However, driver behavior without valid data is hard to control.
There are a number of strategies you can implement immediately with the help of AVLView to improve the fuel economy of light- and medium-duty petrol- and diesel-powered fleet vehicles.
  • Fuel level measurement to identify consumption and prevent fuel theft
  • Idle Reporting — Excessive Mileage
  • Reinforce Green driving practices based on the data
  • Route optimization, Trip scheduling & up-to-date rigid maintenance schedule
  • Historical information to analyze mileage and speeding for future route optimisation and planning. 
    Fatigue management is a hidden factor in fuel wastage; tired drivers do not drive as efficiently as those who have taken adequate rest breaks between shifts.

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