Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence leads to better business decision-making.
It transforms raw data into meaningful, useful and easy-to-understand information about their operations.
AVLView collect meaningful real time information regarding the performance of your vehicles and workforces. Instant messaging services notifies companies when a mobile resource exceeds the set parameter like speed or boundaries and provides exception messages to you at the right time.
These information Identify areas requiring improvement, helps you proactively find and react to existing or incipient problems, helps speed up information and decision making to improve business processes, increase client confidence and gain a competitive advantage both on road and in the market.
Utilization report helps you to properly allocate your assets, avoid purchasing new vehicles and to do more with fewer vehicles and drivers.

Other Benefits

Regain control of your vehicles

With today’s fuel prices continue to climb, every hour your drivers Read more

Enhanced workforce productivity

Protect your inve stment from misuse, damage and downtime Read more

Improved customer service and satisfaction

Business Intelligence leads to better business decision-making. Read more